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Yoga by the Ocean

Yoga Teacher Training

Refresh is so excited to offer a yoga teacher training again!  We have teamed up with anahata rising to offer this amazing training.  Sheena Mason and Lindsey Park's vision for a teacher training matches my vision for Refresh.  They believe in a small group training with lots of support on this journey. 

In the past 80% of their graduates are teaching.  Their training focuses on being fully present in all aspects of life and this translates into real teachers. 

Interested? contact to reserve your spot

Free Yoga Teacher Training Info Session Thurs Aug 15 8:00

join us for a yoga class info session to follow

Call to register (780) 312-2899


Sept 7&8                        Dec 7&8

Sept 21&22                    Dec 27,28,29

Oct 5&6                          Jan 3,4,5

Nov 2&3                         Feb 8&9

Pilates Pose
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