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  • Online Studio

    Every month
    Perfect for those wanting to get a variety of classes!
     7 day free trial
    • Unlimited Yoga Classes
    • Unlimited Meditations
    • Unlimited Fitness Classes
  • 3 Month Studio Plan

    Save $30 with this plan!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Unlimited Yoga Classes
    • Unlimited Fitness Classes
    • Unlimited Meditations
  • 6 Month Studio Plan

    Get one month free with this plan!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Unlimited Yoga Classes
    • Unlimited Bootcamp Classes
    • Unlimited Meditations
  • 12 Month Studio Plan

    Get two months free with this plan!
    Valid for one year
    • Unlimited Yoga Classes
    • Unlimited Bootcamp Classes
    • Unlimited Meditations

Classes available in Online Studio:

  • Strength Flow Yoga with Alana

  • Beginner Yoga with Andrea (2)

  • Yin Yoga with Andrea

  • Akhanda Yoga with Bruce

  • Slow Flow Yoga with Bruce

  • Flow and Restore Yoga with Kirsten (2)

  • Breathwork with Alana

  • Full Body Stretch with Alana

  • Yoga Burn with Alana (2)

  • Easy Flow Yoga with Kathy (2)

  • Full Body Flow with Alana

  • Seated Chair Yoga with Andrea (2)

  • Full Body Scan Meditation with Andrea

  • Introduction to PKT with Michelle

  • Sleepy time Yoga with Kirsten

  • Introduction to Vikasa Yoga with Alana

  • Mobilization for the Shoulders with Tarynn

  • Mobilization for the Low back and Glutes with Tarynn

  • 30 Minute Gentle Flow with Andrea

  • Core Infused Flow Yoga with Kathy

  • Socks & Blocks with Alana

  • Prenatal Yoga with Kathy

  • Akhanda Yoga with Kathy

  • Yoga for Low Back Pain with Kathy

  • Fusion (Bootcamp & Yoga) with Shawn and Kathy (3)

  • Leg Bootcamp with Shawn

  • Circuit Style Bootcamp with Susie

  • Vikasa Sequence 1 (Modified) Yoga with Alana

  • Foam Rolling with Kirsten

  • Nine Magic Breaths Meditation with Kirsten

  • Chair Yoga with Andrea (2)

  • Restorative Yoga with Kirsten

  • Full Body Bootcamp with Susie (5)

  • Flow with Blocks Yoga with Kathy

  • Left to Right Vinyasa with Alana

  • Yoga for Knee Pain with Kathy

  • Cooking class with Andrea (3)

  • Rounded Shoulders Yoga with Kathy

  • Total Body Kickass with Shawn

  • Relax and Release Yoga with Alana

  • Daily Yoga Poses with Kathy

  • Warrior Flow Yoga with Andrea

  • 45 Minute Yin Yoga with Andrea

  • Leg Day with Shawn

  • Total Body Hit with Shawn (3)

  • Hips & Hamstring Yoga with Kathy

  • Physiokinetix with Michelle

  • Handsfree Yoga with Alana

  • 10 Minute Yoga Flow with Kirsten

  • Quick Upper Body Stretch with Kirsten

  • Quick Lower Body Stretch with Kirsten

  • Shoulder and Chest Sequence with Kathy

  • Low Back and Hip Yoga with Kathy

  • Yoga Boost for Immunity and Stress with Kathy

  • Leg Blitz with Shawn

  • Office Yoga with Kathy

  • Buns and Bellies with Shawn

  • 30 Minute Gentle Hatha Yoga with Andrea

  • "Smile Through it" Workout with Shawn

  • Strength for Back Bends Yoga with Alana

  • Tech Neck Yoga with Kathy

  • Total Body Workout with Shawn

  • Subtle Yoga to Energize with Kathy

  • Star Breathing with Alana

  • Quick Sun Salutations with Andrea

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